A Parent’s Perspective — Gigi Morris

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Emma Plumb is now an official Boston Field Hockey alum on her way to attend Dartmouth!  Here’s what Emma’s Mom had to say about her experience with Boston FHC.  We will miss them both!


A Parent’s Perspective

Between ice hockey, lacrosse and field hockey, Emma’s father and I have dealt with a lot of teams. On one of them, parents yelled things like, “Leave blood on the ice.” (Seriously.) On another, parents didn’t talk to you if your daughter wasn’t a star player. One coach taught players how to cheat when the ref wasn’t looking. One punished the girls for a loss by not letting them shower. So by the time she joined Boston Field Hockey we were jaded.
What a wonderful surprise. Parents welcomed us into the fold, and cheered on all of the girls — all of them — with boundless enthusiasm (and, of course, decorum). The girls were equally welcoming to Emma. And this, in my experience, is critical to building a team.
Nate, Kristine and all the other coaches were terrific. But much credit for this unusual unity and spirit goes to Eileen Habelow, who manages, cheers, organizes, coordinates and generally keeps everyone happy. What a godsend!
As I write, Emma is on her way back from practice with the Women’s National Indoor FH team, and then she has two days to pack before heading off for preseason for her first year at Dartmouth. Wow. Five years ago you couldn’t have paid her to pick up a field hockey stick. What a long way she’s come. BFH is a major reason for her love of this sport and success. We will miss you all. Thank you for letting us be part of this team.

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