BFHC – It’s a Family!

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Boston Field Hockey isn’t just a club it’s a family.
As a parent, watching our child grow under the direction and expertise of the coaching staff at BFHC has been one of the most rewarding experiences.  If you are not passionate about field hockey, you soon will be. That’s just part of it. The field hockey part of our experience.The relationships that form with the other players and their families is the other part.  Our daughter is now graduated and moving on to college early as a gray shirt athlete. We held her graduation party and our field hockey family was there. They drove from all over. It was truly heart warming.  That is one story of many. Whether it’s phone calls supporting and guiding each other, texting if we see each others kids in the paper or sending pics of the girls at prom. The texts and phone calls we received making sure we were okay after moving Cam into Quinnipiac just warms our hearts. It doesn’t matter what it is… we are family.

The dynamic between Eileen and Nate is infectious. Coming from a parents perspective, something that sticks out for us personally, is how on top of emails, correspondence, gear/uniforms and scheduling they are. On top of that the ability of both of them (on different levels) interact with the players and parents. It’s unique, sincere, professional and personal all at the same time. To sum that up, there is never a wonder if anyone matters. They all do.Also, the coaching staff all add something different to the process and as a parent, that’s huge. Players will only benefit from the many different styles that come with different high level coaching. When a new coach is added to the staff, we all get very excited. It truly makes all of the difference.

Even though our daughter will not be playing for BFHC anymore, she will always be a part of BFHC. even though our daughter does no play at BFHC anymore, we will always be a part of  BFHC. Let’s put it this way,  our daughter does not play there anymore and we will be at NIT’s with our field hockey family to support all of the players we have grown to love and can’t wait to cheer them on!

Jamie & Alwin

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