Boston Underground Strength Training

Boston FHC is proud to announce the partnership with Boston Underground Strength Training!  Their mission will be to educate and coach all of our current and future athletes on the strength & conditioning side of things to improve our overall performance on the field as a club and an individual ATHLETE!

“Our Sports Performance Program focuses on proper movement patterns, strength training, power, speed, and injury prevention to help improve an athlete’s overall athletic development. 

Prior to beginning their training programs, all athletes will be taken through a movement screen. We will use the information gathered during the screening process to design and individualize each athlete’s program. Although they will be training alongside their peers in the group setting, our goal is to make sure that the program addresses each individual athlete.
We’re offering a special club rate to the Boston Field Hockey Club athletes. Currently $179/month, your special club rate will be $149/month, which includes two training sessions per week for a total of eight sessions for the month.

Athletes have a choice of either: a Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday training schedule. All training sessions will begin promptly at 3:00pm and end promptly at 4:15pm.
Please feel free to view our sample training program. B.U.S.T. sample program
If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at:
Check out their website as well!

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