From there to here… Cam Dias’ journey to the college level

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cam and bailey

One of our newest college players, Cam Dias, checked into Quinnipiac University as a gray-shirt Freshman this semester.  Here is Cam’s perspective.

I moved into Quinnipiac University ! I can say with total honesty I could not have come this far without the support and coaching from BFHC coaches, players and parents. I have been lucky enough to have been coached by some awesome coaches. My early days learning reverse skill and backhanded shots ended up being something I was able to polish and use with confidence. My recruiting process began when I was in 10th grade and at that point I had no idea what that meant. I got my first interest from colleges after College Connection. Some division 2 but mostly division 1. It became clear maybe I could play at that level. The following year, which was junior year things started coming together. Even though I was emailing with a few schools, one school was clicking with me more than the others. After a summer of playing at a variety of camps held at schools I was interested in, it became clearer. As time went on, I felt that feeling more and more. That school was Quinnipiac for me. Coach Main, coach Canada and the program were where my heart was telling me was my fit. From the moment I was made and offer and had that final meeting, I just knew it was right. That next summer camp I was verbally committed and knew I would be a bobcat. My newest coach, Coach Angelini came over to me to talk. I was worried. Was I not playing well I wondered? To my surprise, she didn’t want second guess the decision or tell me I was in bad shape. Not even close. She asked me if I was interested in graduating high school early and coming to Quinnipiac early (spring semester) so I could get used to training and college life. I was beyond excited. It was a no brainer for me. I couldn’t wait to be a part of the Quinnipiac field hockey family!
I can still remember my first lesson with Nate (before BFHC existed). He set up the cones and gave me instruction. I look back on the video my mom took and it’s embarrassing! I was tripping and couldn’t move the way he wanted me to. He told me when I would use this skill and all I could do was try to breathe through my frustration. After that first lesson with Nate, I felt beat. He played me one on one. He beat me over and over again. I felt beat.  I got in the car and didn’t think I could or even wanted to work that hard for anything. I was angry. I told them I quit and was done. After an hour drive, we pulled into our driveway, I remember my parents talking to me and telling me that if I didn’t want to keep going it was okay.  My response was quick as I had the ride home to really think about what I said after my first lesson. I told them I just realized for the first time that I actually wanted to work hard for field hockey – very hard. I asked when I could work with Nate again and kill those cones. I never looked back. I only grew stronger. I can still kill the cones and have even beaten Nate. I am so happy I didn’t give up and will always be thankful for that horrible day.
What I will miss the most at Boston Field Hockey? My friends and traveling to all of the tournaments. However, I know the relationships I have at BFHC will be forever. I will still follow them. Hopefully make it to their tournaments when I am not playing. And luckily I will see some of them on the turf playing at the collegiate level.
My favorite moment at BFHC? My last festival! We finally won a medal and Bailey and I got to accept all of the medals and represent BFHC! It was my favorite moment because it was the last time I got to play with my best friends. We stayed at a great hotel and we all hung out every night. It’s really neat when you have been in field hockey for so long, you know so many players and coaches.  It was cool because everything came full circle. I was comfortable. It was a blast!

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